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Nothing much here.. I’m writing only for my future self, something for me to keep in mind in written way..


Every human being in this world is ‘signed, sealed, delivered’ to the parents, PERFECT, like a white cloth, and only the parents are responsible to ‘colour’ the life of the child, at first.


Setiap anak itu dilahirkan dalam keadaan bersih (fitrahnya) maka kedua ibu bapanyalah yang menjadikannya YahudiNasrani atau Majusi.

(Rasulullah SAW)

And then, you become a grown-up, and you take the responsibility of your life, how to lead it, to the right or wrong path. It all become your choice. You ‘design’ your own life.

Eventually, you’ll become a parent, and that’s when you’re ‘signed-sealed-delivered’ with a child of your own. Now, that child is for you to ‘design’.

You see, life is a BIG ARTWORK, for you to ‘design’, So, Do-It-Yourself! Make sure to be a good designer!

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