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Life is like a ferris wheel

April 5, 2009

Sometimes you’re at the top, sometimes bottom..

Sometimes you feel good, sometimes bad..

Sometimes you hate the person at the top, but when you’re on top, you forgot you hated the person like you now..

That’s just the way it is..

Life is like a ferris wheel..

This is a video about ex- Saujana‘s lead singer, Izu..or Khairul Idzwan Baharin, the name given..

I was surprised and shocked to see, yet another one ‘Faizal Tahir’ has been born. 

You see, when situation like this happened, people see them as a traitor to nasyid world. Even though, they haven’t heard of them for years and don’t know what exactly has happened to them, they tend to criticize and judge ‘sesuka ati mulut nak bercakap’, and not trying to understand the whole picture..

Why is it they give more attention when it comes to nasyid singer? Maybe, they thought the singer brings daawah in their music..Well, you know, I didn’t really have much faith in that. Not to all nasyid singers. Just some of them, you can see which one is sincere in what they’re doing.. 

But today, I’m not gonna write about his new image, it’s not about how he became different(read: lembut), it’s about how people are judging him..

I’m not saying I like the new Izu, or should I say, I hate the new him, but I try to stop and think. And it makes me sad. To think that, life is too unpredictable. To change, it can only take seconds of your life. And I started to be scared, of how I would end.. Would I be good at the time? Or worst than I could ever imagined? Nauzubillahiminzaalik..

Some rock stars can be singing daawah songs, like Yusuf Islam or Nash, and some are the other way round. It’s how life goes. Do not judge these people, or worst, make fun of them. They just need guidance. We also, don’t know our outcome yet, until the last breath. So pray that you’ll end good..

Pray for Izu, pray for Faizal Tahir.

Pray for people you love.

Pray for you.

Make sure you don’t go far from the true path to Husnul Khotimah..Ameen..


p/s:  Serius nak nangis bila pikir how good people can turn bad..Horrrorr (>_<)

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  1. April 5, 2009 04:31

    People judge, sister.Manusia menghakimi dan mengadili sesuatu walaupun mereka tidak punya hak.Kita tidak pernah cuba untuk memahami isi hati orang lain.Anyway, keep on writing, sister, and i will keep on reading 🙂

    kalau ada masa, visit blog saya


  2. ZaliZabrina permalink*
    April 5, 2009 04:51

    thanks for visiting my page!
    please do come again.. 😉

  3. insankerdil permalink
    April 6, 2009 13:45

    wajarkah keaiban org dihebahkan? andai kata kita jd begitu n org lain mem’blog’kn keaiban diri kita..bagaimanakah perasaan kita? bagaimanakah perasaan famili kita? bagaimanakah perasaan org yg mengenali diri kita?

    akumade mo kojin teki na iken ni suginai..


  4. ZaliZabrina permalink*
    April 6, 2009 18:55

    maaf, tidak pula terfikir sampai begitu..
    hanya ingin memberitahu perasaan takut dan bimbang apabila melihat kebejatan akidah yg berlaku di Malaysia, dan membuatkan diri terfikir nasib sendiri pula..
    mane2 tulisan yg buruk jgnlah diambil, tp jika ada yg baik jdkan panduan..

  5. April 6, 2009 22:21

    my goodness!
    i could hardly believe that’s the Izu i know like ten years ago.
    well, people change from day to day.
    and if i not mistaken, it’s like what you’ve said (or wrote) to me before : good & bad is really a subjective.
    i’m not at the right place to judge him on the right or wrong, but i do think like you.
    i don’t like people to keep headlining the thing that he was former da’wah vocalist.
    and yeah, to me this article is nothing more than just an opinion too.
    he might have changed in the way he looks, but who knows about his real intention of the change right?

    “nobody’s perfect. his intentions might be good, but just got some people misunderstood”

    to insankerdil,
    if i don’t misunderstood you, i’d agree with your statement not to reveal people’s flaw.
    but i doubt : is it really a “flaw”?
    my ustaz said,
    “don’t say anything about others if you’re unsure about him (he’s comfortable or not with the things you say about him) because it’s considered a fitnah”
    by the time this clip is uploaded and labelled as “former nasyid vocalist” people already started the fitnah.
    and to Izu himself, he’d know better than anyone else about this.

    i like this phrase..
    “nobody’s perfect”

    p/s : thanks zali. your article has minus & plus points. i take it as a reminder, but i don’t blame Izu either.

  6. arieszai permalink
    April 7, 2009 14:14

    *sengaja nak menyampuk kt bolg org* 😀

    hohohohoho~~~ cana nih??? org kt jepon nun tau berita, yg org kt mesia tak amek tau pn.. >_<

    faizal tahir tuh tak bekenan la ec!!~ isk3333

  7. ZaliZabrina permalink*
    April 7, 2009 14:58

    as always, nagai ne..hik3..thanks for the comment dearie 😉

    *silakan nyampuk, xpe2..hihi*
    sy pon xtau citer, ade org citerkan baru tau..hehe
    doakan la diorg ek, maybe that’s their choices but maybe deep down they know they’re wrong..lets pray for them to come back 😉

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