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March 17, 2009

Today (or yesterday?), I’ve been to a Japanese member’s house to celebrate a friend’s birthday which is the leader and founder of our very own 青春サークル(通称、青サー)‘Seishun Sa-kuru’, also known as ‘Sei-sa-‘ or in English, Youth Circle!  😀

At first I hesitated to go, coz it’s been a while since I’ve seen my Japanese friends and I wasn’t sure what to chat. But, when it ended, I’m so glad I went to see them. There were tons to talk about and they were just as always; kind, funny, good listeners and overall, they’re good friends. When we were in the middle of the party, a friend had some private problems with his gf, and he shared with us, right there and then! I was surprised he shared such a thing with me, and asked for my opinion. Well, of course I couldn’t share my thoughts, out of surprised. (For the record, there wasn’t a single beer or anything like that. Just juices and tea. That’s what made me surprised the most, coz Japanese don’t really share their thoughts without alcohol..)

So, one thing I learned,

Don’t run/hide from people you care, eventhough you think they don’t care for you as much as you do.. Coz you wouldn’t know just how much they believe in you and might as well care for you as much as you do..


Seishun Circle is the only activity group I joined in Japan (eventhough it’s not official as school’s extracurricular activities :P), so it really matters to me. The members is only 6 or 7 people, and the activities are too little but they left quite a deep memories inside of me. Through this circle, they got to know some sides of me they don’t see at school. And I got to know how does it feel to be friends with them. And the result, it was worth it.

We shouted at the mountains.

We played valleyball in the sea.

We rolled the land from North to South, East to West.


After this, my friends are all going to grad and go through different ways from each other. I hope they’d still remember me as the only alien in the class who’ve became their friends.


 I wanted to share this pic of my cute little 3D house, so here it is..

'Do It Yourself' 3D Cute House

'Do It Yourself' 3D Cute House

Isn’t this cute? I made this out of a DIY kit I bought from a variety store in Korea..

I bought so many things in Korea, but this is the only thing I took picture of it. Coz it’s sooooo darn cute!! *pengsan* 😛 I also bought this type of DIY for my bestest japanese friend, Ayumi. And she liked it. yeay!!

It was a good day………. (^_________________^)


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  1. March 22, 2009 22:18

    omo! i slipped my eyes off this entry.
    1st, the DIY thing was so cute! can’t agree more to that 🙂
    whatta great japanese friends you have dear.
    i might actually have, but yeah i don’t know why & when i’ve became COLDer than Japanese themselves.
    like i’ve been pulling myself distance away from them since we’re separated into our courses (2nd sem, 2nd year).
    so i hardly seen with friends.
    i have one that very closed (i can consider so) but we hardly talk to each other either.
    it’s just she always there whenever i need help in studies, just studies not really for the whole life thing.
    maybe because my heart had became narrower than before?

  2. ZaliZabrina permalink*
    April 3, 2009 15:11

    you don’t have narrow heart..
    maybe you just need to trust them 1st, then you’ll show your true self..
    maybe you don’t have the me..
    I had some group projects, and that’s when I became friendly with everyone..well, not everyone..hihi, my group I think you ought to create the opportunities..if they don’t come to us, might as well start from you..rite?

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