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Once upon a time..

March 15, 2009

I was searching for the Japanese name of AAJ, where I studied Japanese in Malaysia before coming to Japan. My eyes stopped at the words written about AAJ and I almost cried there, seeing the teacher wrote about how honest and naive the students are, and I believe that’s also how we were once upon a time. I’m sure our juniors are also as hardworking and truthful as us back then, and I really hope the coming juniors can see how precious they are in the eyes of the teachers.


So, for those who have lost the strength to fight, and sometimes maybe lost hope, please read this. This really might help you. After all, we’re all from the same roots. Don’t forget, in AAJ we’ve overcame so much trouble to come here, so if you’re thinking of quitting, just think again, why waste it now?



AAJ 23rd batch

AAJ 22nd batch

Just a quick reminder for me, and YOU!

p/s: Sorry, the article is only in Japanese.. 😦

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  1. March 16, 2009 15:19

    yes my dear.
    i missed that days.
    the days we laughed, cried & even fought each other! πŸ˜›
    opppps.. they might be hard & harsh & rough, but when they’re all memories, we tend to miss them, aren’t we?
    yes it was HARD.
    we’ve gone thru so much troubles before we made our way here, nobody can ever doubt no need to say to deny that.
    but our history that we carried before those days and the continuos journeys after them vary from one to other.
    people say, try to put yourself in our shoes to comprehend us, but not everyone can really do that.
    unless they really in the same boat like us.
    what’s wrong to lose?
    if it’s lead us the chance to win?
    what’s wrong to tears?
    if that’ll bring the smile after.
    what’s wrong to fall?
    if you know you can ever stand up again on your own feet.
    and yeah, i know the rules.
    when someone try to rise above, there’ always “things” to push him/her down.
    so keep ourselves balanced.
    no one can change us, except ourselves.
    we’re strong girls!
    i’m with you πŸ˜‰

  2. ZaliZabrina permalink*
    March 17, 2009 14:45

    uwah2 mcm sajak daa komen ruby..hihi, thanks for the comment dear..

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