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The Un-kindness of Japs

March 14, 2009


Hye, there.. It’s me again babbling about..hehe, the other day I said I was gonna update about my trip to Korea and school ski trip at New Greenpia Tsunan

First, about Korea..

Actually there was a lot of tribulation in order to reach Korea. I went there with my friend, Ieyra. The trouble started when we were about to check in. We checked in rather early, and when we reached the counter, BANG!! The 1st problem appeard! The stewardess asked for our Visa to visit Korea. I thought, what?! Never heard about it. And she was affirmatively said that we needed them. NO EXCEPTION! So, we called our friend who has been to Korea before, and she also said she never heard of it. It wasn’t needed when she went to Korea. So, we panicked. What if they really need it? What if it’s a new rule? Everything is in our mind. Coz if it is, our about-60,000yen-ticket would be useless! And the ticket is not refundable!

Then, the stewardess checked over and over again in the computer, and I didn’t know what she was doing but she was really into the computer screen. And after that, she ran to the immigration, which was not open to business yet at that time. And then, something miraculously happened. Our laggage was put onto the trailer which goes straight to the flight vessle. At that time, we know we’re saved. Alhamdulillah.. 😉

Then, because of the little time left, we didn’t have time to grab some breakfast, so we just bought some sandwiches and go straight to the boarding gate. Then, once again. BANG!! My handbag was stopped at the security check. The reason was, in my bag there was a Maybelline foundation powder, which is slightly liquid coz it’s a cream. Though it’s a cream, I totally forgot that the cream is semi-liquid. Then, the security people asked me to buy the transparent plastic to fill the foundation in. She asked me to bring only 40yen to the nearest shop in the airport, and come back quickly. So, I did EXACTLY what she said, like a robot, because I couldn’t think right at the time, out of panic. And when I reached at the shop, they said the plastic is 50yen!! Not 40yen!!!! I still can’t forget the face’s expression of the shop people when she refused to give me the plastic..when I think about it now, it was actually very funny! haha~~back to the story.. The panic rose again. Then, I just thought, to hell with that cream!! I dashed to the security pass (disregard of suspicious look by people surround) and had to go through the security check again. When I passed the security check, I asked the security makcik to just throw the Maybelline away, which is sad to me coz it’s only been used several times. 😦 Well, it was my silliness to just follow EXACTLY the security makcik ‘s words. So, it was my fault too. (I was really mad at the security makcik at that time, but later I realized I was actually mad at myself because I just brought 40yen at that time, like Pak Pandir 😛 )

That was only the story when we departed from Japan..

When we arrived at Japan, that’s a different story..

Ieyra and I, arrived quite early at Niigata’s Airport Immigration Check Point. We have 再入国 許可(Re-Enter Permit) which allows us to go through the immigration check like Japanese, eventhough we have Malaysia Passport (This is a normal situation for foreigners who live in Japan for a long time). Usually, there’ll be a special line for Re-Entry Permit holders, but at that day, there wasn’t. Maybe because it’s Niigata Airport, not as big as Narita’s. So, the officers at the line asked us to line-up at the Japanese Passport holders line. So, we did exactly what he said, eventhough people looked at us with weird faces. And, when we reached the immigration officer at the desk, he asked us to go to Foreign Passport holders line. The officer was like, yelled at us, as if we didn’t understand Japanese. *ATAMA KITAAA..we thought.. So, with embarrased faces, we went to the line mentioned. I said to the officer at the line that this was the line for Re-Entry Permit holders, so that after this, no one would go through our experience. Then he asked for our forgiveness. OK, I said. It wasn’t his fault after all.

After about 10 minutes, the Japanese Passport holders line was vacant. And coincidentally, a group of Korean Airline’s stewardess came to the immigration check and they were given privilege to go to the Japanese Passport holders line. ARGHHHH!!! We just stood there and saw the stewardess go with frustration in our hearts. I said to Ieyra, “I’ll never go to that line even if they called us there”, and exactly at that time, they called for Re-Entry Permit holders after the stewardess done. I refused to go but Ieyra went there after all, and I just decided to  follow her. But I didn’t go to the same officer who yelled at us, but the other one.

I swear, if only I was alone at that time, I would wait at the Foreigner Passport holders line. I know it’s childish and it would be my lost, but I’m just so frustrated with Japanese Immigration. There wasn’t a single time that I felt welcomed to the country even if we’re Re-Entry Permit holders, and have been here for 4 years! How come they still treat us the same as other foreigners? I LOVE JAPAN, but their Immigration Bureau always make me feel unwelcomed in Japan. huhuhu 😦

Once again, I babbled too much about Korea, and forgot about my ski trip.. 😛

Maybe next time..(when that’s gonna be, I wonder…………..)


*ATAMA KITAAA – It’s something you say when you’re angry..

4 Comments leave one →
  1. ieyra permalink
    March 14, 2009 23:19

    ‘hujan emas di negara org, hujan batu di negara sendiri, yappari negara sndri lgi best’…ehehe pepndai je tukar pepatah melayu..^^.. tapi mmng xdpt dinafikan walau camne lame pn kite kat negara org, kita ttp kan jadi org luar bg diorg.. kata org, pengalaman mngajar kita bermacam2 bnda yg xdpt dipelajari hanya dgn baca bku.. that’s why life is fun, right.. =D

  2. ZaliZabrina permalink*
    March 14, 2009 23:52

    haha, mmg pandai2 pon 😛
    tula kan, bila dah duk negara org ni, baru la rase phm perasaan org2 yg dtg keje kat negara kita tuh..huhu

  3. March 16, 2009 15:05

    oh my goodness!
    i completely understood what you’ve written above there!
    every single word turned into continuous motions dear.
    you have had a rough days dear, sorry to hear that.
    but yeah sometimes people been unfair to us.
    no matter Japanese or Malay or Korean.
    i’ve never been treated that way by the immigration, yeah maybe i just slightly lucky than you, just that.
    and owh!
    about the liquid stuffs, i was the same last summer.
    i put everything from facial wash to toner to sunblock lined-up in my make-up pochette which put into my hand luggage, ended up to be put into the luggage.
    it’s easier to go that way, but yeah it’s because i have luggage that i won’t carry it with me, that’s it.
    some days huh?
    some experience to us 🙂

  4. ZaliZabrina permalink*
    March 17, 2009 14:40

    hehe, of course, doesnt matter the people, they’re actually just doing their jobs..i know that, but show some love larr..hihi

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