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‘yeah?’ vs ‘right?’

February 9, 2009

Well, the title is just something to take your attention here..:-)(did it work??lol)

I was just wondering..which is better?

British English or American English?

I noticed English(people) usually says ‘yeah?’ in the end of a sentence, for example, ‘Cause you’re back with your best mate yeah?Β ‘ or something like that. I bet American would say ‘right’ instead of ‘yeah’, yeah??(trying to use it:-P)

Other words that you can always hear from British English speaker, like, ‘fancy’, ‘brilliant’, and some more that I can’t bring myself to remember it..haha..well, I don’t always hear British English, though I’ve been thought British English in school..but maybe because the mass media is full with American stuff, so our ears get used to American English yeah?(second try,haha)

Whatever it is, I think it’s very ironic how American stuff can slip into our minds without we realizing it. Because I think I heard this somewhere, that English is originated from England or UK(or Britain, whatever I’m not quite sure) but now, people all over the world use American English widely, until at some point, we find British English is hard to comprehend.

One thing I know, that is the proof of America’s power, power of media, that can control people right under their noses, but they fail to realize it. I’m not trying to play mind game or being discriminative or whatever. It’s OK if you prefer American English than British English or the other way round, as long as people can understand your English. I just wanted to share my thoughts that whoever controls media, they can also control our minds. So, if some people say, TV is just something stupid, I would say they are very wrong..

As you can see, I think every home in this world must have a TV, at least a normal home does. Everyday, the only thing that connects them to the world is TV. The least thing they watch, I bet it’s news. So, if the news is controlled by some ‘power’ or authority, then I bet the news would be favoured to the ‘power’, that even the truth can be bend like a play dough. So, be careful. Not everything they say in the media is all true. Maybe most of it, but not all..

What you see is not always what is there..there’s maybe more of it, like I said before,

“See with your hearts, not only with your naked eyes..”

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  1. February 9, 2009 19:36

    Done voting!
    I love to hear British but I speak American especially after I came here, to Japan.
    With that those thick R pronounciation and thick D, you know.
    I’m quite surprised though, what a sudden change to me.
    Coz I’m not good in English before (and still I am)..
    But now I can’t really speak British or even read out any in BrE.
    I keep having my tongue twisted when I read in BrE, but can read 100 pages of an english novel in 45 min if I read them out loud in American.
    And sure.
    I agree with you.
    Mass media play very huge role influencing us.
    Not even tv, but for me more to internet, global sites etc.
    World without border… or simpler way borderless world…
    where the skies aren’t the limit anymore! πŸ˜€

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