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Lihatlah dengan mata hati

January 16, 2009





Humans are creatures who conjure illusions.

Depending on the situation,

They may see straight lines as crooked ones, and believe crooked ones as straight lines.

This dialogue is taken from 10th episode of drama Maou. To me, it’s a very valuable dialogue.


Let’s see this image.


Upper image: Which one is the crooked line?

Lower image: The grey box, which one is larger?

And, let’s see this famous image too..


Do you see an old woman here?

I donno why but I like to think about perspectives.

And of course, perspectives on life too.

Failure and Success

A person once said,

Anda sebagai pelajar, jika boleh saya katakan, berdosa jika takut untuk melakukan kesilapan.

Kerana kesilapan itulah yang mematangkan diri anda.

Jika jawapan anda betul, anda hanya dapat selesaikan masalah dengan 1 cara,

Tapi jika jawapan anda salah, anda dapat tahu ada 1 cara yang membawa kepada kesalahan dan mungkin jumpa banyak cara lagi sebelum sampai kepada jawapan yang betul.

Dengan itu, anda akan mempelajari lebih banyak perkara melalui kesilapan itu.

So, is failure bad? Or success good?

Think again.

If there’s a time where you make mistakes, and want to run from it. Think again..

人は失敗を重ねて成功するものだ。(Success happens after repeating failure)

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Take a chance!

Triumph and Tribulation

Some people say, being in triumph is everything. As long as you’re on top, people listens to you. But, they always forget that,

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

-said Uncle Ben to Peter Parker in Spider-Man

So, triumph also, can be a tribulation, if you don’t take responsibility on your power.

Here, I would like to call upon leaders,

From FAMILY leaders, to the WORLD leaders.

Every action you take, comes with a great responsibility. If you take your power as a tool to control people as you wish, the price to pay is unbelievable. Cause, I’ve seen people who lost to POWER. And would do anything to prevent from losing anything BUT their power. I’ve seen it through the many changing of Japan’s prime minister these 4 years. When they can’t control the damage, they hope to lose everything, so that their tribulation(which is originally a triumph) will be gone. Just so they can start over with their lives. 

How ironic is that?

Believe me, don’t see everything only with your naked eyes. There’s more of it, and it’s only can be seen through our hearts…

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