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La Tahzan!

January 11, 2009

Everything BIG starts with SMALL steps.

To make those SMALL steps, you have to make THE FIRST STEP.

To walk, FIRST step is needed.

To speak, FIRST word is needed.

To write, FIRST letter is needed.

To make it happen, you absolutely have to go through the FIRST, with the courage to face the failure to fall, or being misunderstood or criticized.

Yes, I’ve been waiting to find that courage.

And the courage never comes to me, until I decided to JUST DO IT!

And well, I’ve taken my FIRST step, alhamdulillah.

In order to achieve my goal this year, I’m taking a small baby step towards my goal.

What is MY GOAL?

Let me keep it to myself first ๐Ÿ˜‰

For starters, I would like to share with you, a wonderful book by ‘Aidh al-Qarni, LA TAHZAN, or Don’t Be Sad, or in Malay/Indonesia, Jangan Bersedih. Though I just read a few chapters and not finished with it yet, I think it’s worth to be shared.

To those who have given up on life, who thinks there’s no more chance left for them, let’s take a look at this book for a moment..

<English version: DON’T BE SAD>

When you wake up in the morning, do not expect to see the evening – live as though today is all that you have. Yesterday has passed with its good and evil, while tomorrow has not yet arrived. Your life’s span is but one day, as if you were born in it and will die at the end of it. With this attitude, you will not be caught between an obsession over the past, with all its anxieties, and the hopes of the future, with all its uncertainty. Live for today!

<Malay/Indonesia version: JANGAN BERSEDIH>

Hari Ini Milik Anda

Jika kamu berada di pagi hari, janganlah menunggu sore tiba. Hari inilah yang akan Anda jalani, bukan hari kelmarin yang telah berlalu dengan segala kebaikan dan keburukannya, dan juga bukan esok hari yang belum tentu datang. Hari yang saat ini mataharinya menyinari Anda, dan siangnya menyapa Anda. Inilah hari Anda. Umur Anda, mungkin tinggal hari ini. Maka, anggaplah masa hidup Anda hanya hari ini, atau seakan-akan Anda dilahirkan hari ini dan akan mati hari ini juga. Dengan begitu, hidup Anda tak akan tercabik-cabik di antara gumpalan keresahan, kesedihan dan duka masa lalu dengan bayangan masa depan yang penuh ketidakpastian dan acapkali menakutkan.



When a person is confronted with trouble, he/she tends to think the trouble is so BIG that nothing else matters.


Instead of worrying yourself out, first, try to think outside the box and see through other perspectives.

I admit, It’s hard to see things hidden through other perspective, cause it’s not something we used to do, but it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE that you can find other satisfying answer to your questions.

For example,

We think our problem is SO BIG,ย  we forget that the EARTH is bigger!

We think the EARTH is so BIG, but we always forget that the UNIVERSE is far moreย  BIGGER!

We, HUMAN think that 1 second is nothing, but in ANT’S WORLD, 1 second might be equal to A YEAR! Who knows?



You see,


But then,


You just have to know the way to live it


By just changing your perspective a LITTLE,

You might change the way you look at things WAY differently.

La Tahzan! ๐Ÿ™‚

The difference between La Tahzan and other philosopher’s book

Coba baca buku-buku yang dianggap sangat berpengaruh dan menjadi best seller semisal, The Magic of Thinking Big, karya David J. Schwart, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, karya Dale Carnegie, Speech Can Change Your Life, karya Dorothy Sarnoff ataupun buku The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, tulisan Steven R. Covey, Anda akan dapatkan petunjuk-petunjuk praktis ke arah kebahagiaan yang lebih cenderung duniawi daripada ukhrawi. Allah dan akhirat tidak menjadi bagian paling penting dalam kajian-kajian mereka. Di sinilah, menurut orang-orang yang beriman, letak kekurangannya meski karya-karya mereka enak dibaca. Sisi kerohaniannya terasa begitu kering.

-pengantar penerbit terjemahan La Tahzan karangan ‘Aidh al-Qarni;



And you have to know this..

Buku ini bersifat umum, alias untuk siapa saja. Singkatnya, untuk kaum muslim maupun non-muslim. Pasalnya, pembicaraan dalam buku ini secara umum adalah berkaitan watak dan sifat naluriah dan persoalan-persoalan umum kejiwaan manusia. Namun begitu, buku ini tetap menempatkan Manhaj Rabbani sebagai penyuluh. Karena memang manhaj itulah yang menjadi agama fitrah kita.


(and other downloaded sources which you have to find them yourselves ;))

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